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Account verification

To unlock your account, log into your Rosecap account and navigate to the Verification section.

Identity Verification

You will see the button Start Identity Verification. By clicking on that you will be redirected to the 3rd party automated verification website

Please make your IDs handy before clicking on "Start Identity Verification".

If you are a desktop user, it is highly recommended to continue on your mobile device as it has a better experience and result. You can easily click on Show QR Code and then scan on your mobile phone.

If your mobile phone is not handy, you can still continue on your desktop computer. 

You will be required to choose your country and a preferred ID type. For Aussie users, the best ID is your driver's license. However, you have your passport and other options as well.

Also for Proof of Residence – The following documents are acceptable documents:

A bank account statement.

A utility bill (electricity, water, internet, etc.).

A government-issued document (tax statement, certificate of residency, etc.).

It usually take a few minutes for your IDs to be verified. You will receive an email about the result.

Bank Account Verification

You can add up to 3 bank accounts. International bank accounts will require you to contact customer support and will have limited withdrawal limits.

By verifying your bank account, you can obtain the following:

Fiat withdrawal

Fiat deposits

Lower fees

Once your bank details are entered, click on SUBMIT. This will be verified by our team members. Upon full verification, you can head to your wallet, get your AUD deposit & withdrawal info, and cash in or out your fiat currency.

Happy Trading!

Updated on: 28/11/2022

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