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Account levels on Rosecap

The account level/tier on Rosecap defines the category of your deposit/withdrawal limits and fee structure inside the exchange platform.

There are 4 levels, which are basically defined based on trading fees, deposits, and withdrawal limits. For your detailed fee structure, head to "MY FEES AND LIMITS" in "Home" menu when you are logged into your account.

Level 1 - BRONZE

Level 2 - SILVER

Level 3 - GOLD

Level 4 - DIAMOND

When you log in to Rosecap exchange, you will land on the Home page. Scroll through the page end, there in the Account Details section,  you will see the account level you are in. 

Level 1 - BRONZE

When you signup for a free account on Rosecap, you will be categorized as Level 1. In this level you just need to accomplish Email Verification.

Level 1 accounts' withdrawal is not active. In order to be able to withdraw crypto or fiat assets like AUD, you need to verify your account. for verification please visit account verification.

Level 2 - SILVER

Upon verification of your account, you will be automatically upgraded to Level 2 customers. To do so, the following verifications is required:

Automatic Identity Verification

SMS Verification

Proof of Address

Level 3 - GOLD

In order to secure Level 3 status, users must meet the following requirements.  

Source of Fund Verification

250,000+ transaction history

Whenever you meet the above requirements, you can request an account upgrade for lower withdrawal limits and fewer trading fees.

Level 4 - DIAMOND

The trading volume for Level 4 customers has to be high.  In order to secure Level 4 status, users must meet the following requirements.  

500,000+ monthly transaction history

Enjoy Trading!

Updated on: 28/11/2022

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